Week 9

Nov 16, 2020

Below is adapted from a post by Hansen of OMG Coating.

Bouncing off the feedback and insights we got from SJ Lim from BWG and our mentors, we continue to adapt and improve what we have and pivot when necessary.

Last week, we came to an agreement that we would create a product line for different applications, albeit almost similar in properties and features, with easier application that complements the existing product line.

YuanZhe, our EIR, showing off our new product line

This week, after discussing with NTUitive mentors and BWG Consulting’s SJ Lim, they liked the idea of having another product line not only because it complemented the other product, but it also creates another product which increases the chance of success for a company.

Getting some BBT to fuel our soul

I think the main task for my team and me for the upcoming next few weeks would be market validation and drilling into the details. We must be more precise — with surgical precision — in our ideation and validation process, both tactically and strategically. By anticipating future risks, we will be able to avoid incurring major losses in the days to come the best way we can.

Also, the VB18 Team never fails to surprise me with the team’s working bond and ethics. Adriel and Vanessa, though not their responsibility, cold called multiple companies and people to find out industry insights and managed to get a cost breakdown of their materials.

These valuable insights manage to help elucidate which (1)direction and (2)product features we would want to focus and head towards.

The constant need to improve and adapt keeps this adventure dynamic and exciting. To all of us VB18 team, let’s continue to push on! :)




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