Week 7

Moving concept into actual production stage now!

Asking tough (Beautiful) questions are always a good way to probe into what the potential business should head towards! SJ and Linda managed to ask beautiful questions that we were unable to answer that made us question ourselves of the things we should dig deeper/research/understand better.

Most importantly, understanding our audience/clients and how to communicate/connect with them effectively might be overlooked; something as simple as building and construction audience may not at be as tech-savvy and emails, though used, might not be as well-received. — Hansen

OMG Coating team with Linda and SJ

Impromptu Trial Spray:
After lunch we had an impromptu trial spray and headed down to Tampines!

Not gonna lie, it could have been a better session. Whatever could go wrong, DID go wrong. A classic example of Murphy’s law.

Without going into details, the main takeaway to this was, even for a small trial, careful and detailed planning/agenda should be done before actually putting it to action or both time and money — the most important resources of a start-up — would be wasted. — Hansen

Spray Trial gone wrong!

After identifying the startup’s dilemma, my team and I — along with BWG Consulting — have decided that we would work around the restraints we have.

The 3 main restraints we set for ourselves:
1. Focus on what we have; raw product and budget we have
2. Cutting our losses; even if it seems like a good business idea but it’s not taking off
3. Follow the money; getting revenue — even profits — and throw out the hypotheticals.

As the net would be cast as wide as possible, we had to set projected internal milestones to set the motion forward. For example, we will be talking to as many people in the industry to talk about their pain points and acquire certifications, accordingly, AND PIVOT.

Since there was a reshuffling of teams, I have now pivoted on to a different project from AI tech to a beauty/therapeutics startup. While the products of these two startups are world’s apart, the knowledge I have gained so far is definitely transferable to my new project in terms of preliminary research and business planning.

I have great confidence that my new teammate/business partner and I can build something great together. Most importantly, I have also acknowledged that our startup comes with its own set of risks. Nevertheless, even if our venture doesn’t make it as far as we expect, I’d know that we gave it our very best efforts in our attempt. — Gabriel

Intense workout after our meeting.



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