Week 31

3 min readApr 22, 2021

Week 31 brings us back to Dickson of EntreCity, who gives us an update on his team’s journey since our last correspondence nearly 2 months ago.

Just a quick recap EntreCity is an innovation and enterprise (I&E) online ecosystem builder, powered by NTUitive and digital technologies. Leveraging on the key strengths of consultation and networking, EntreCity aims to equip a nation of entrepreneurs on key digital competencies to empower startup success.

In the past month, a key event was setting up EntreCity’s very own studio at NTUitive. It was not as easy as they had initially thought; things they failed to take into consideration were plentiful. Examples of some last-minute obstacles included the dilemma of how to display the presenter’s prompts while recording the presenter and controlling the presentation slides at the same time, or how to reduce background noise in a private office room with partition walls, and positioning of the camera, lights and teleprompter to make the presenter appear as natural and engaging as possible. Just yesterday, they successfully recorded their introductory course for EntreCity — Fundamental Skills to Kickstart Your Entrepreneurial Ventures.

A behind-the-scenes snippet of a live recording of NTUitive interim CEO Dr. Alex Lin at “NTUitive Studio”.

During the recording, Dr. Alex Lin (interim CEO of NTUitive) shared a very unique perspective that resonated with Dickson. Alex questioned if entrepreneurs are risk-takers, and shared that, in fact, entrepreneurs are risk-mitigators.

Our world is changing and disrupted at an accelerated pace by new technologies and new business models. It will be a huge risk if we are to stay constant in our own path while the world around us is changing. He gave an analogy of football where the goal post is constantly moving— we have to change the direction of where we are kicking based on the position of the goal post. We can’t kick towards the same direction just because the ball went in the first time. The second time we kick the ball into the same direction, the goal post might no longer be there. — Dickson

Teammate Peter working attentively in the recording studio.

Hence, as entrepreneurs, we constantly try to access where the goal post is while attempting to kick the ball into the goal post. In fact, we are trying to mitigate our risk of failure by adapting to the changing environment. The risk-takers are probably the ones who are using the same old tricks over and over again even though the world has changed. — Dickson

Some key insights Dickson learned over the past couple of weeks stemmed from the organizing and coordination between all involved parties for the studio sessions. For instance, he discovered that, similar to sales, pitching and marketing techniques, there is always a need for the “ask or call” action at the end of each shoot. This means that the director of the shoot needs to take ownership of the shoot, and “ask” if what was presented fulfills the purpose. After which, he has to “call” out any discrepancies and make adjustments in order to fulfill the brief. This usually involves convincing the presenter on a new method of delivery.

I realize I might have been doing it all wrong. In the past, I was afraid of asking for what I want. I was afraid that I will offend the other party if I was to ask for something that they are not willing to give. This probably caused my target audiences to be confused and are not sure what I want from them. I lack confidence and I feared rejection. — Dickson

Moving forward, before entering any meetings or pitching session, objectives have to be clear. A conscious effort has to be made to ensure requirements are both explicit but respectful.

Looking ahead into a post-COVID 19 world, it is imperative to take the step forward as well, especially in the space of entrepreneurship education.

We believe that COVID-19 has shown that online education has value and blended-learning is probably the way forward. At EntreCity, we are adapting ourselves for this change to mitigate our risk of failing. — Team EntreCity

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