This week, Adriel shares with us something a bit more lighthearted but still very applicable to the entrepreneur ecosystem — a class he recently attended called “Design Sprint”.

“Design Sprint” was conducted by his mentor Kwai, targeting students embarking on a Masters in entrepreneurship.

The concept of a Design Sprint…

Today, we have Dickson sharing with us his thoughts on the aspects of cryptocurrencies that are less discussed.


Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain. Decentralisation. Really??

When asked “What is Bitcoin?” or “What are cryptocurrencies?”, one keyword that will always be mentioned in the same sentence is the word ‘decentralisation’. In the blockchain world, many take pride in…

We shift the spotlight over to Sherman this week, as he brings us into his entrepreneur-in-training world.

Mentor Kwai in a sharing session with VB18 entrepreneurs-in-training Sherman, Pamela and Vanessa.

Currently, he is involved in three projects: Truesign, Pratu and a new Financial Advisory (FA) project. All three projects are in different stages, and he was given the opportunity to take on differing…

This week, Ryan will be sharing with us how he is aligning his work and passions in life through the VB18 programme, where he is currently taking on 2 major projects within the venture-building programme.

  1. AIRO — developing a minimal viable prototype of a UVC disinfectant wand

Ryan had previously…

This week concludes the three-part Blockchain series written by our very own entrepreneur-in-training, Adriel.

In the previous two weeks, Adriel spoke about smart contracts and tokens. This week, we dive into the origins of the “crypto” in cryptocurrencies (digital money based on Blockchain).

An awesome 4-some! FLTR: Pamela, Vanessa, Sherman and Adriel of our VB18 programme.

Cryptocurrency (or crypto for short) is a…

This week marks the second part of a three-part Blockchain-related insight series by Adriel.

Just last week Adriel wrote about smart contracts and how it has the power to permeate the fabric of our daily lives. …

This week marks the first of a three-part Blockchain-related insight series by our very own entrepreneur-in-training, Adriel, as he shares with us the challenges and lessons gleaned from his time in the VB18 programme.

Entrepreneur-in-training Adriel Fong

This week, he will focus on the concept of “Smart Contracts”.

Essentially, a smart contract is…

This week, Benjamin — who just joined us at the start of this year — shares with us his thoughts on his venture-building journey thus far.

Benjamin Lum of VB18

Everyone wants to turn their idea — their baby — into reality. Being a part of this venture building programme has given so much…

Week 31 brings us back to Dickson of EntreCity, who gives us an update on his team’s journey since our last correspondence nearly 2 months ago.

Just a quick recap EntreCity is an innovation and enterprise (I&E) online ecosystem builder, powered by NTUitive and digital technologies. Leveraging on the…

This week, we hear from Marcus Low who is currently working on the Virtual Asset Monitor (VAM) project.

Marcus from Team VAM

What is a Virtual Asset Monitor (VAM)?

VAM is a compliance product for financial institutions to perform their Anti-Money Laundering (AML) duties for cryptocurrencies.

Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to the laws, regulations, and procedures intended to prevent criminals from…


From the Venture Builders of NTUitive, the Innovation and Enterprise Company of NTU —

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